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✅ Boost Immunity ✅ Improves Energy & Vitality ✅ Helps Prevent Infections such as cold, flu etc.
✔️ Healthy and Natural ✔️ Source of Vitamins and Minerals ✔️ Boosts Immunity ✔️ Soothes Cough ✔️ Increases Energy ✔️ Use as sweetener
Unique Mix of Luxurious Edible Silver Flakes in Rich Sidr Honey with Pure Chios Mastic Extract 🍯
Unique Mix of Luxurious 24K Edible Gold Flakes in Rich Sidr Honey with Pure Bulgarian Rose 🍯
⭐ The Elixir of Life – Herbal Supplement & Tonic For Prolonged Wellbeing
With added benefits of energizing Ginseng, immune strengthening Propolis and antioxidant Royal Jelly
Bulgarian Rose Extract and 24K Gold Flakes infused Sidr Honey
• Sweet Aphrodisiac • 100% Natural • For Men’s Health •4 sachets per box