About Us

Modern, Yet

Hemani Herbals, a family-owned business, was initially founded in 1949 in Pakistan and established in 1995 in Dubai, the Land of Opportunities. Over the past decades, Hemani has established itself as a leading herbal & natural company with a wide product range of herbal teas, herbal oils, aromatherapy products, massage creams, herbal hair & skincare products. Realizing the consumers' current needs of natural products for healthy living, Hemani has joined hands with Wasim Badami for a range of products carefully chosen from the best that Nature has to offer, to carry forward our promise of authentic and naturally sourced products.

We always look towards the future, a future where customers are celebrating natural Lifestyle the Only Way of Living with us.
WB by Hemani aims at providing Natural & Herbal Products in the most innovative way as solutions to modern-day problems while making lifestyles more ‘Natural and, Chemical & Toxin-Free’.

WB by Hemani’s production takes place under strict quality control to provide the best quality essentials which aim at replacing the modern-day living to a more toxin-free and chemical-free living.

Our products are manufactured as per Emirates Quality Mark (EQM), GMP (UK) standards, and Halaal Certifications from Pakistan & UAE.

Currently, we have over 500 products in the category of Health, Wellness, Beauty & Fragrances available online and in stores, in Pakistan and UAE.