When it comes to natural health and beauty, there is a wide range of brands from all over the world available in the market. However, not every brand is worth investing in when it comes down to it. After some research, we have deciphered all the reasons why Hemani Herbal is the perfect brand!

  • All Natural Products!

Perhaps one of the best things about Hemani Herbal is that their products are all completely natural! Their motto is to provide a natural lifestyle solution to consumers. They offer an astounding range of organic products including, skin care, fragrances, essential oils, personal care, health care, and hair care.

  • Go To Brand For Hair-care

Hemani Herbal has most definitely established a name for itself due to its range of hair care products. Their range includes everything, from hair oils to shampoos and conditioners.

  • The Best Natural Skincare You Could Invest In

They’ve also got a range of natural skin care products that features different face masks, face mists, cleansers, creams, and what not! These products contain no chemicals making them all the more reliable.


  • Deodorants and Long-lasting fragrances-Must-Haves For Good Hygiene!

They have products which cater to all your needs! WB by Hemani recently launched fresh new oriented scented and odor preventing deodorants, perfect for good hygiene. They also offer a range of long-lasting fragrances like the Azerra Collection and The Element Collection.

  • A Wide Range Of Products To Choose From Anywhere Around The World

Hemani Group has been wowing us all with their wide range of products ever since its inception in 1949. Currently, they have an astonishing range of more than 1200 products and five factories and distribution in over 86 countries around the globe. WB by Hemani has 37 outlets across all of Pakistan and, their products are also available online.

  • Their New Range Of Sanitizers Are The Perfect Weapon Against COVID-19

Considering COVID-19, Hemani Herbal has kept up with its image as a brand that cares. It launched a range of products for the safety and protection of its consumers. This range includes sanitizers in various sizes and fragrances that are guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs. What’s even better is that they have pocket-sized options too, which are perfect for anywhere and as for offices and homes they’ve also got more sizes.

  • Their All New Natural Dietary Supplements Are All You Need To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle!

Keeping up with market trends and the demands and needs of consumers, Hemani Herbal has just inaugurated Herbal Dietary Supplements. They have a wide range of 13 different herbal oils. These oils each have unique and distinct health and wellness benefits. They’ve got something to satisfy everyone’s preference, like black seeds oil, castor seeds oil, Costus root oil, evening primrose oil, flaxseeds oil and, so many more!

With all the hard work and effort they put into creating quality products for consumers, they got awarded as the brand of the year 2019. Their latest commercial is a flawless depiction of what they have to offer to the consumers, the perfect natural lifestyle solution to all our problems.

Don’t forget to check out their website and find your favorite product on:

www.wbhemani.com or www.hemaniherbal.pk

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